Where with all the stuff? I wanna keep this. Drop it in the basement. Make a copy and save it. The cloud has no limit, just extend your data plan. Until you realise you can't, and something has to be erased.

We seem to live in an age of the infinite archive. But there comes a point when all available space is used, all hidden corners filled, nothing fits anymore. Limit reached, out of storage.

The next issue of Para Journal - Notes besides the Point deals with storage. The space of it, physical or digital; its limits and constraints. And particular behaviours associated with it: hoarding, collecting, discarding.

What is it that we have, and how do we clear for more, or less, when confronted with reaching limits? In or out, keeping or throwing out, and where, and how? How do we define the limit of volumes, be it in cubic meters, gigabytes, memory, and access to it?

# Out of storage after years.
# Melted memories.
# Second class objects.
# Warning messages.
# Elements damage (water, fire, ...).

We invite visual and written contributions, analytical, poetic, essayistic, excessive. Also, a digital supplement will be disseminated, so large files are especially welcome. Please send your submission to by Friday, 30. April 2021. Publication is planned for early July 21 with an edition of 200 copies. Email for further information.

Out of | Storage

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