this is an invitation to contribute to para.

What is para?
It is a newly established journal for text and image. Its has a number of tag lines: notes beside the point, notes on relevance, notes on in/significance. “It’s not affirmation, neither opposition. It can and intends (but does not have) to be both.”

Why should you contribute?
To enjoy yourself. We will enjoy that, too.

What can you contribute?
Text and/or image. This can be a piece of writing, fictional or non, all genres possible. Image can be photographic or other. All genres.

Is there a theme?
Yes, the first issue is on “getting lost”, in a broader sense. Think of: Straying, dreaming, getting annoyed, re-orienting, flow, happen.

Is there a deadline?
Yes! Please send us your contribution by 20 May 2020 to, text in an unedited text file (doc, txt, ...), image in ... format.

Who does para?
Timon Mürer acts as editor, Rowan de Freitas is art director, Luka Ivanović the publisher as well as review and first supplements editor. He'll also do instagram stuff.

Are there supplements?
Yes. We aim to publish one with every edition in B6 format. It can be text, image, or data. Probably printed on coloured paper (salmon, maybe)

Wait, para is gonna be printed?
Yes indeed. A small, hopefully growing number of copies will be printed. We’ll start with 50.

Anything else? Please write us an email or letter.
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