para: the programme is in the name, so some etymology for starters: "alongside, beyond; altered; contrary; irregular, beside, near, against”. Good, isn’t it?

para: forms part of “apparatus – a collection of tools”. And also of (Swiss) German “parat – prepared, ready”. We think, feel, write, create, view, do nothing to be prepared, for our time, its tasks and wonders. We assemble this/us for these ends (and others).

para is a kind of spirit, spiritedness, an ethos. Come along (forward, against)!

And: para is para journal and appears irregularly in print but hopefully once a year. Published by para press (in formation). Made by Luka Ivanović and Timon Mürer. Rowan Tara de Freitas made issue 1 possible, Emily Radosvljevic was a pillar for issue two. Kerstin Mürer generously funded issue 2.
For each issue, a different designer wasinvited:
#1 Cássia Vila
#2 Giulia Fumagalli

Eager to submit some work, help with editing, curious to design an issue, suggestions for topics...? Get in touch! or