Finally, Out of | Storage is out.
It's probably just a coincidence that all the current editors, including the designer, moved apartments during editing this issue.
Was it a curse?
Or just another crisis?
Perhaps a reality check in paid work priorities, mental health and time compatibility.

During the (year and a half) since the open call, this editor encountered at least four different storage places, of which two have been accessed on a regular basis. The possible number of individual objects must be in the tens of thousands.

Some of these objects could be accessed only at certain times, some only in the presence of other people. One of these storage facilities, as a matter of fact being called MyPlace, even had a playlist, diffused by arrays of speakers attached to the ceilings throughout the corridors.
Only those locked in could know if the music still plays during the closed hours (who needs their second-class stuff at night?). The old network, the new locks.

It's comforting, knowing that so many possessions could be entertained, in all their sadness of being stored away, unused but still wanted, still cared about.

In advertisements, freedom from objects implies freedom to travel, as the small mountain of stuff is what separates one from a new destination.
A news article appears about a storage unit that hasn't been accessed for decades, like a library without its members visiting, an unshared private treasure, now someone else's burden, soon to be auctioned away.

Objects are always sad.

Almost daily, notifications of "running out of storage" are clicked and tapped away, "large" items offered to be considered for trash, with no option for retrieval.
Somewhere far, a physical manifestation of a cloud that someone subscribes to, asks for more, it needs to grow, it needs more energy. Yet, reluctance to agree to these terms prevails, the life with a 99.97% of an inbox full is just one more game to play, until a jump to the next cloud, and the next...

This issue contains many treasures, some previously considered garbage, and the other way around.
The editors are grateful for your patience and hope you enjoy the read.